Fragrance Filling
and packaging

A family-run story, Italian history in the making Since 1994, a story of intuition, passion and experience, confirming the company as an undisputed reference point in supply contracting.



Thanks to a highly qualified and consistently up-to-date team, the ADM 94 laboratory manages all fundamental steps of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Control. Rigorous research leads to the development of formulas, in full compliance with cosmetic industry guidelines.


The blending of alcoholic perfumerie is one of the fundamental steps and takes place at our modern and spacious facilities, fitted with electric systems, in compliance with the latest regulations. Recently renovated to fulfil demand for hand sanitiser Gel.


Bottles are filled on rotary, linear, automatic and manual lines to satisfy all production requirements, from limited series to large batches. ADM94 distinguishes itself in the industry yet again, thanks to its ability to respond to its clients.

Packaging & Cellophaning

Packaging and cellophaning lines are veritable areas of excellence at ADM94. Thanks to both manual and automatic systems, the fastest and best-suited solution is guaranteed for all steps of production. A state-of-the-art and efficient production complex.

quality control

Quality Control at ADM94 is synonymous with the meticulous following of processes by qualified and dedicated staff. In addition to specific targeted tests, compliance with regulations, constant exams and attention to each production step is guaranteed, from fragrance to bulk.

consultancy for development

ADM94 adds value to ideas. ADM94 is synonymous with versatility and reliability. All customer requirements are satisfied thanks to an organised and consistently up-to-date work team, guaranteeing high qualitative standards and full compliance with regulations in force.

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why choose us

A facility capable of processing large orders with all the care and dedication you would expect for small quantities. Today ADM94 provides a high-value service for both mass retail and niche clients. The company is based at a 7,000 sqm production, laboratory and warehouse facility, further enhanced by a 3,000 sqm outdoor area and over 3,000 pallet spaces dedicated to logistics operations: concrete proof of its workflows and the solidity of its structure. ADM94 is a member of Cosmetica Italia and is GMP ISO 22716 Certified.

made in italy

It is synonymous with high quality, attention to detail and to people.


The culmination of years of work, expressed in the ability to satisfy diverse customer requirements.

innovation & technology

Targeted focus on developing and boosting technology to guarantee excellent results.


Our customer-centred approach ensures each and every project is developed with competence and organisation, streamlining process times.


The company's ethos and meticulous attention to detail guarantee the utmost reliability for each and every customer.


A considerate company, both for the environment and people involved in all processes.


Established in 1994 thanks to the vision of Ersilio Beretta, today ADM94 is a solid reference point for the production and development of alcoholic perfumerie products. An entrepreneurial endeavour in business for over twenty years, whose distinguishing qualities are the accuracy and industrial organisation of its processes, an unmistakable signature on the national and international market.

"To me ADM represents tradition and knowledge, a company which has seen me grow and continues to enrich me, every single day. Today it is a state-of-the-art manufacturer, recognised and appreciated for its ability to provide rapid and professional solutions for diverse customer requirements."

Diego Beretta
Owner ADM94